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Effer porta la Madonnina a Expo

30 giu 2015

Una Effer 1355 ha posato a Expo la copia della celebre statua simbolo di Milano Il 29 aprile, una Effer 1355, di proprietà di Geonova, ha portato e posato nel padiglione di Rho-Fiera la riproduzione della statua della Madonnina, che dall’alto della guglia maggiore del Duomo domina, simboleggia e protegge Milano dal 1774. La statua, coperta d’oro, è alta 4,16 Leggi tutto ›


Effer 525 + crawler CWE = No Limits!

2 apr 2015

Discover how to overcome the limits imposed by steep terrain and narrow locations Bresciani Autotrasporti, already owning an Effer 585, has once again chosen the quality of these cranes for his fleet by purchasing the crawler CWE 525 presented as a preview at SAIE 2014 in Bologna (Italy) by Brennero Gru. The Effer crane 525 was installed on the crawler Leggi tutto ›


The colour of safety

1 apr 2015

An Effer 1750L 8S + 6S orange fluo has been chosen for working in the nuclear plant of Embalse, in Argentina In high-risk work contexts, also the colour you choose for your crane plays an essential role in granting safety of the people working nearby. That’s why the Effer 1750L 8S + 6S, delivered in February to Argentina, got immediately Leggi tutto ›


Collett thinks big with the new 2055

1 ago 2014

Watch the video to discover why the UK leader of heavy lifting has taken a huge leap forward within the industry Enjoy a video about the biggest crane in the world on a 32 tons truck. The new Effer 2055 in the 6s version seduced even the leader of heavy lifting in the UK, Collett & Sons Ltd. The 135 Leggi tutto ›