The colour of safety

1 apr 2015

An Effer 1750L 8S + 6S orange fluo has been chosen for working in the nuclear plant of Embalse, in Argentina In high-risk work contexts, also the colour you choose for your crane plays an essential role in granting safety of the people working nearby. That’s why the Effer 1750L 8S + 6S, delivered in February to Argentina, got immediately Leggi tutto ›


Appydro will participate in Intermat 2015 (Paris, April, 20-25)

1 apr 2015

Appydro, Effer partner for France, will be present on Intermat in Paris, an international fair dedicated to the construction industry. They’re pleased to expose a 395-6S+Jib4S on a Mercedes Arocs 8×4 3245 KN truck. The crane is equipped with an Ormet basket (180° rotation angle, 2-3 person capacity, self-levelling and capacity limiter). Of course, the crane has got Progress and Leggi tutto ›


Le 5 regole della stabilizzazione

1 apr 2015

Quello che c’è da ricordare per evitare incidenti e lavorare in sicurezza Sapevi che gli incidenti più gravi in cui è coinvolta una gru sono spesso il risultato di una pianificazione non adeguata e di un cattivo uso dell’equipaggiamento, che portano a instabilità e ribaltamenti? Dedica 1 minuto a ripassare i passi necessari per stabilizzare l’autocarro prima di un sollevamento. Leggi Leggi tutto ›


Effer at Europort Instanbul

16 mar 2015

When care about environment affects a company reputation Effer participated in Europort Istanbul with Oceanist, the Turkish distributor for marine cranes to promote Effer in this strategic zone between Europe and Middle East. Together we had the chance to get in contact with many people and to discuss about different marine cranes applications and sectors. In this edition of Europort Istanbul there was Leggi tutto ›


The importance of being offshore

1 set 2014

All the tools you need for your operations far away from the coastline Effer provides marine cranes for many different offshore applications. Our machines are designed, made and certified to resist under typical hard working conditions in the offshore environment (wear and tear, saline fog, extreme temperatures…) Our marine cranes for the offshore sector are suitable both for basic operations, Leggi tutto ›


Collett thinks big with the new 2055

1 ago 2014

Watch the video to discover why the UK leader of heavy lifting has taken a huge leap forward within the industry Enjoy a video about the biggest crane in the world on a 32 tons truck. The new Effer 2055 in the 6s version seduced even the leader of heavy lifting in the UK, Collett & Sons Ltd. The 135 Leggi tutto ›